Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Waste Not Want Not!!

I was always taught as a child by my parents to not waste anything. Love the old saying "Waste not want not". That saying holds so much truth. I am the leftover makeover queen. I love leftover roasted chicken. There are so many things that you can do with leftover chicken. I have made chicken casseroles, chicken soup, chicken croquettes, barbecue chicken pizza and chicken pot pie. Just to name a few. Leftover rice from last night? Don't throw it away. You can easily make rice pudding with that left over rice or even make a casserole with it or turn it into fried rice. The options are endless. You just need to get creative. I have had many weeks where the kids have not had many sandwiches which resulted in sliced bread that has gotten to almost the stale stage. No problem!!! Put that bread in a food processor and make bread crumbs. Why go to the store and buy bread crumbs out of a can? The best part is that you can flavor it with anything you want. Add your favorite dried herbs to them and a little extra virgin olive oil. Toss and put on a sheet pan that has been lined with foil. Put into a 375 degrees farenheit oven and toast them up. Remove from the oven and let cool. Then, put them into a freezer storage bag and store in the freezer. Another good tip is what to do with that yogurt that is sitting in the refrigerator that no one seems to want. This usually happens to me quite a bit. My kids will  beg me for a certain kind of yogurt and eat it twice and not want anymore. I take the yogurt containers and empty them into a blender add a splash of orange juice,frozen fruit and a touch of honey. Blend it up and now we've got a smoothie that the kids are happy to drink! I have plenty of ideas. If you need any tips, feel free to comment and I will be more than happy to help you. Hope I have given you some good ideas today.

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